Heating control system design - Newbie needs help!

Hi Folks.

I’m just starting down the road of home automation and want to set up a z-wave central heating control system. Having spent several hours reading through this forum and do some general surfing I think I know what I need but would appreciate your thoughts before I buy any more equipment.

What I have: at the moment it is a fairly typical gas boiler powered, fully pumped hot water and central heating system controlled by a conventional 7 day timer, 1 room stat, 2 motorised values, manual danfoss TRVs.

What I’ve bought so far - Danfoss living connect with SW 2.06 (off eBay… I hope I haven’t cocked up already but the price was good…)

What I think I need to get going: Vera lite, Z-Wave Secure Boiler Receiver - two channels (http://www.vesternet.com/z-wave-horstmann-z-wave-controlled-boiler-receiver-two-channels), Z-Wave Everspring Temperature and Humidity Sensor (http://www.vesternet.com/z-wave-everspring-temperature-and-humidity-sensor).

So the plan is to replace my conventional 7 day timer with the boiler receiver and use the Vera lite to send the heating/hot water on/off commands to it each day, replace the manual room stat with the Everspring, and my manual TRVs with the Danfoss LCs, sending different temperature set points to the throughout the day.

Does this all sound OK? If there’s somewhere out there on the web that already has this sirt of stuff please just point me in it’s direction. If not, I appreciate your thoughts!