Heals and configuring

Ok, I’ve been looking into healing a lot because I can’t get the aeon 4-in-1 sensor to connect past a direct connection the vera (unlike my other battery operated devices which once configured, work just fine after being relocated). What I’ve noticed, and maybe I’m wrong, is that when it “heals” it actually forces the devices to reconfigure. This is fine and good, but things like my schlage locks won’t configure unless they are sitting next to the vera! And 1 that was working before the heal will no longer work from it’s location I’m guessing due to bad routing. If I try to heal that 1 device, it tries to reconfigure, which fails because it’s too far away (there are devices between the 2 that should allow for beaming. If I’m not mistaken, Leviton switches allow for this and that is all I own).

The other issue is that after my heal, none of my wireless sensors would work because they were all waiting to be configured. I tested some and they just wouldn’t update. So I had to wake them up manually and force them to configure. I know the heal process should take a long time (and it did), but is this really expected behavior? Note I still had to manually reconfigure all my sensors AFTER the manual heal.

Oh, and after all that, it never fixed the Aeon 4-in-1 sensor. It still won’t connect to it unless I bring it within range of the Vera itself. It’s very frustrating to say the least. That’s not the point though, I just want to know if the reconfiguring is part of the healing process or if for some reason there is something going on with my network that I should be looking into.

Yes, the battery devices may say “Waiting for Configuration” until the next time they WakeUp. This is expected behaviour and you shouldn’t do anything manually. You should see that if tripped, their status changes. Eventually, your battery device will wake and it will configure, unless you have configured them not to wake. In that case, yes you will have to open them and press the program button to wake it and set the configuration.

The 4in1 is probably out of range in the desired location, yes.

The issue with the 4-in-1 is that even if I place it right next to another z-wave device, it still won’t communicate. It will only do so if I connect directly to the Vera.

My guess is that the reconfiguration is expected then during a heal. I am currently running 7 battery devices (3 schlage motion sensors and 4 schlage door sensors) plus the 2 locks and they all work fine in my network. One of them is withing 3’ of where I had the 4-in-1.

Next time I will just leave the devices alone if I have to do another heal.