Heal Report description

I installed my first VeraLite system (UI v5) and included a number of cameras, smart switches, express controls sensors fortrezz sensors. I installed a number of scenes n triggers and tested all of them.

Last night I ran a heal and looked at the results this AM. Unfortunately, I don’t understand all of the details in the report page and can’t find a description of this report anywhere.

For example, each device row in the report has a set of 5 stars. Some have no stars colored, some have 2 stars filled in with red, some have all 5. What is the significance of this information?

Also, the fortrezz device doesn’t have a green check mark by it, just a red stop mark. I’m assuming the heal process couldn’t communicate with that device, eh? Probably because the device poll rate is too infrequent?

The top of the page says to ‘Hover over any device to see the other devices that can see it.’. That doesn’t work on my Firefox 17.0.1 browser. web app software bug or?

thanks, r

Hi redBeard. I’m only a couple weeks ahead of you, and had exactly the same questions about the “Heal Report”. Here are some things I’ve picked up…

The ‘stars’ are only updated when a Heal process (or Repair, not sure the difference) is run with Stress Test. The automatic (nightly?) Heal operation doesn’t do the stress test, so every morning all the stars are empty. This is, apparently, “normal”. I don’t know what the number of stars indicates or what the unit of “one star” means, but I’ve never seen all-fives.

You can set the delay to wait for battery-operated devices to check in… I think it defaults to 60 minutes. Try dialing it up and running a nightime Repair with Stress test.

And I have never ever had the “Hover over” operation work, and I have no idea what devices can see what devices. There was one report of someone getting it to work, saying it ‘shades’ the other devices when you hover to indicate which ones are visible. Sounds cool, only it’s apparently been broken forever and nobody at MCV cares enough to reply or fix it. I’ve tried IE, Firefox, Chrome, from different devices… I’m puzzled.

Sorry I don’t have more info…

Thanks. That’s what I figgered…

The device has two interval settings - Wakeup Interval (currently set at 14400 sec) and ‘Poll this node at most every x seconds’ (currently 10800 sec).

I’m guessing the heal process activates a ‘poll’ so the ‘Poll this node every x seconds’ need not change. I’ll change the ‘Wakeup Interval’ on this device to something shorter for the evening (3600 sec?) and set the repair wait time for 120 minutes and try again this eve.

I have never had the hover work either but there is better way to see what devices see each other (same information, different format). In the device section, pick a device and click on the wrench in the upper right corner. On the settings tab for the device, near the bottom is a list of “neighbors”. This is a list of all of the z-wave nodes that device can see (the numbers represent the node ID #). I have a relatively compact house, so almost all of my devices can see all of the other devices. The exception for me is the light switch at the front door can’t see the light switch at the back door and vice versa.

In terms of the stars, they are graphical representation of the stress test results (not sure the unit of measure either). If you SSH into the Vera logs, you can see the detail reports that generate the stars. During the stress test, the Vera bombards each node continuously for 60 seconds. If the device responds every single time it gets five stars. If it fails to respond every time it starts losing stars. I don’t know the exact thresholds, but for illustrations purposes let’s say: 5 failures equals 4 stars, 10 failures equals 3 stars, etc… I have a compact and dense z-wave network so the majority of my devices get 5 stars. The situations where I have seen less than 5 stars include devices at the edge of the network (the front and back doors), device in bad receptions areas (I have an outlet next the refrigerator that sometimes gets one star, other times get 5 stars), and one device consistently got one star and eventually failed and had to be replaced.

Hope that helps.

i have a strange question related to this and I hope that I am wrong, but i noticed the same.
I have a device that is most far away from the VERA unit and initially worked but after some time i noticed in the heal report that the stars were dropping to only one star left, and finally the device was not reliably anymore.

Could it be that because of the far distance away from VERA that VERA tries to send commands to often to the device, that the device eventually breaks? (i hope not…)

any experience here?