heal network report

the view reports drop down list shows nothing after I run the heel network program. Is anyone getting a report? Does anyone know what’s wrong?


I don’t get a report either when healing the network, never have. But this link should give you some good info to go on:


It is some Lua code to run in the Test Code Tab of the Plug-Ins Icon on the right of UI3. Then you check your logs to see the Matrix that it generates. It will tell you what devices have other devices as neighbors, etc. Useful info to see if you have troubled devices or problems routing.


Thanks for the suggestion. step three says:-- 3. Open /var/log/cmh/LuaUPnP.log and search for “Vera’s Z-Wave routing matrix”

How do I open that .log file?

apparently you have to ssh into Vera (like opening a terminal window into Vera on your PC or Mac)

it was fairly easy for me to figure out, I tried downloading a program to ssh but then realized that I could do it from a Mac using Terminal, putting in Vera’s IP address, etc (you might have to search the forum for more info on SSHing into Vera and/or download a program to allow you to SSH, Mac does it using Terminal I’mnot sure about Windows).

I copied and pasted the paths given in one of the posts of that thread (I think it was /var/log/cmh/LuaUPnP.log) into the Terminal and it then displayed the log file text in the Terminal window and I could scroll down to where the Z-Wave Device Matrix was generated to see the results.

Hope this helps.