heal and stress test

Having recently upgraded to UI5 i noticed that the page showing the health of the network was working fine (hover over to show what modules can see etc) and all units showing as 5 stars.

I normally always insert my zwave modules in their location and take vera to them, however for the news ones I figured I could just get vera to see them, then take them to where they need to be and do a heal and stress test on them.

When I ran it the hover over feature now no longer works (so I can’t see what can see what) and all devices are 3 stars with the exception of one which has dropped to one star (odd as it’s sat right next to another which has three).

Is there a setting I need to change in UI5 before doing the stress test to improve the results ? Everything seems to work so it might not matter but I was just trying to understand things. Clearly the previous display was a carry over from UI4.

Every time you add a device to vera. Be it taking vera to the device or the device to vera. You should always perform a z-wave heal of the network. The 5 starts you might have seen in the past may be the result of the initial adding of the device and not after performing a heal. If you do a search on the forum, you can find information on the hover issue.

  • Garrett

Thanks I’ve seen comments re the hover problem but it seems strange It was working and then stopped. I always perform a heal after adding devices and the 5 stars seen before were after the stress test and heal had completed, I had them on almost every device. It could be that three is the new five!.

UI5 also changes the zwave routing portion as well. It is most likely that you are using mios routing which is why the routing is different from UI4. A lot of changes have been made between UI4 and UI5. Both under the hood and the user interface.

  • Garrett

I did wonder about the routing (I think I recall seeing a tick box for mios routing). Is the new routing better worse than before (generally speaking) ?

To be honest I did the heal again and things really slowed down and I found I was not getting the instant commands and feedback from authomation that I was used to (vera was quite slow) I rebooted vera and everything is back up and running as normal so from that point of view it does not really matter I was just interested to understand and expand my knowledge a little ( I could not find anything On the net that helped hence my original post here). I’m glad its back up to speed as otherwise the tablets I’ve got around the house running your app would instantly become a hassle rather than a pleasure.