Heal action at 02:00 with switching devices

Since a short period my Vera2 seems to be performing a heal action every day at 02:00 at night. Unfortunately my DUWI 064374 (for sure the ones which are switched on) power switchers are during this excercise switching on and off constantly which I don’t want as it will break down my equipment. What is causing this unwanted behaviour and how can I stop this? How come that my equipment is switching on and off because of this heal action? I can’t imagine this is wanted behavior. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks.



The heal at 2:00am is a feature, presumably to keep manual routing optimized / consistent. That this causes devices to turn on/off is odd, as you said. I’d contact MCV Support so they are aware of this case and can have a look at your installation/logs.

If you un-check Use MiOS routing instead of Z-Wave (requires 4.5) in [tt]Z-Wave device > Options[/tt], manual routing will be disabled and the heals will not be done.

I’m noticing the same behaviour: any Duewi switch that is on when the network heal starts at 02:00 will switch off for a few seconds, then switch back on again (sometimes this happens twice). Switches which are off will not turn on (just as well as that would wake me up in the middle of the night :slight_smile: ). And it’s only the Duewi switches that do this.

oTi@ thanks for your work around and good to hear from intveltr that I am not the only one with these problems. I did not have these issues in the past I am quite sure! And to make it more odd I did not update my Vera2 recent enough to justify these problems. What I did add recently though is the poly-lock and a Everspring door/window contact detector.
One other issue I have which is probably related is that sometimes one of my lights connected to a Duwi 064374 is switching off without anyone or any scene or anything else ordering it to do so.
I will contact MCV for further troubleshooting. Thanks.

If it is related to the heal at 2:00am as you describe, then you would only see the issue if running Vera with Z-Wave firmware 3.20 (which requires Vera firmware 1.1.1245 (I believe), or newer) and have manual routing enabled. Also, the heal at 2:00am is not always run, so it could in fact be that the recent additions you mentioned cause the heal to run, which triggers the issue with the Duewi gear.

(To verify that you could exclude, say, the door/window sensor and see if things improve.)

oTi@ the manual routing did not help and removing the door/window sensor did not help either. I have now removed the poly-lock to see if that helps and I have sent an e-mail to technical support of MCV. Hoep we can solve this fast as I am afraid my equipment is breaking down due to the quick and multiple on and off switching.

Are you saying that disabling manual routing (i.e. [tt]MiOS routing[/tt] in the [tt]Z-Wave device > Options[/tt] menu) did not stop the automatic heal at 2am from happening?

I have now removed the poly-lock to see if that helps [...]
Sounds good.