Hawking HRMD1 Motion Sensor in Outdoors?


Does Hawking HRMD1 Motion Sensor work in Outdoors?


According to http://www.everspring.com/Products/Home_Automation_Detail.asp?parentUID=83&UID=354&CateUIDList=0,83:

Protection degree IP44, Indoor / Outdoor use

“Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.”

Oh nice, I didn’t realize these were outdoor rated. IP44 should be plenty well protected for most needs (especially considering how well the non weatherized HSM-100s have actually faired outdoors.)

There are many people (myself included) that have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Aeon Labs multisensor for outdoor use, maybe this is the answer.

If anyone is using this device outdoors, can you post your experiences?



I just received response from Hawking and they are saying it’s not weather proof.

Here is the response.

They are not weather proofed so we do not recommend them for outside use.

Hawking Technologies Technical Support

Hawking Technologies

Thanks for the update. I’m still wondering if anyone who actually has one of these can comment? As an example from another company, the “official” word from Homeseer on the HM-FS001 (flood sensor) was (apparently they stopped making them) that it is not weatherized for outdoor use. I bought one however and found that it is nicely sealed, and works very well outdoors.

Except the bottom part, everything else look really water tight.

I think if we cover the bottom, then it should work outside.

Thats weird… Everspring claims the SP103 which is the same thing is IP44 outdoor rated.

Can I order the everspring model somewhere in the US? That way if it fails outdoors I could at least ask for a replacement/refund. I gave up on Aeon coming up with their outdoor motion sensor. I googled around and didnt see an obvious supplier.

As @Ap15e pointed out though, IP44 is splashing water resistant, not watertight.

Want to put it outside, up under the eaves (they hang out a good 12-18").
Figured splashproof is more than good enough.

[quote=“Les F, post:9, topic:167999”]Want to put it outside, up under the eaves (they hang out a good 12-18").
Figured splashproof is more than good enough. [/quote]
Yep, I would think that can be reasonably expected from an IP44 rated device.

Last two days my Hawking Motion Sensors were soaked by the surprise rain in California… And they still work :slight_smile: