having trouble adding any new devices

I first could not add a CA5100 and finally gave up. Now I bought some Home Manageables lamp modules and could not add one of those either.

I just went to a clients house with the same module and was able to add it to their dashboard no problem.

So now I wonder if there is something wrong with my Vera?

I have powered it probably 100 times so far etc.


I reset my Vera and that did not help.

However, I went back to 2.78 then back to 3.o and now I am able to add devices.


Now my wizard does not work, I get the error “the wizard is not available remotely so you will be redirected back to the dashboard”


Access your vera via the local ip address and not trough the cp.mios.com website. The wizard should than work. Prior to you reseting your vera when you could not add additional devices. Do you remember what your zwave chip said for Master SIS / PRI?

  • Garrett