Having range issues with Vera2 and ZWave devices

I’ve got a couple of ZWave devices that I want to control with my vera2. One is the Aeon Labs door switch, and a GE dimmer light switch. Both devices were detected and added to my setup just fine. My door switch works fine, but it only has a range of 5 feet. If I step an inch outside of 5 feet, it no longer gets signals from my door switch. My dimmer light just has an error message “Unable to get any information on”. So I assume it’s also out of range and is unable to communicate with the vera2.

I read online and they say that the range should be roughly 90 feet as long as conditions are reasonable. My failed 5+ ft. test was in the same room with a direct line of sight between the vera2 and the door switch. The dimmer switch is downstairs, about 40 ft away.

Does anyone have any suggestions for debugging this problem? Do I have to add ZWave devices everywhere to act as repeaters in the mesh network?

5’ for a battery operated device sounds like it might be a duff battery.
“Unable to get any information on” for the dimmer may need some time to sort it self out, You could try adding that device back in as “an existing” device.

If it truly is a range problem, maybe you have interference issues? Or possibly a bad V2 antenna?