Having issues with vera dashboard u17

I am really ignorant when it comes to this stuff and seems to take me forever. I had my veralite set up and running smoothly operating on u15 and remotely accessing it on my iPhone homeautomator . Everything was smooth and working fine until I went to get on the dashboard and it wouldn’t go from “loading data” on the screen. So I did the reset and then ended up upgrading the firmware to u17. I was able to access my switches and get them renamed and my scenes set back up. Still haven’t got my lockset to work yet. here are my issues

  1. When trying to go to the users and account info tab on the dashboard, it goes to a my controllers page that wants me to connect right back to the dashboard page. And sure enough the same thing happens when I try it again. It also does this when I try and go to the time settings. My clock is off by two hours.

  2. I cannot remotely access my veralite anymore. It says mios discovered on my app but no devices pop up. Not sure what is going on.

  3. Lastly I have never been able to configure my garage door to configure correctly with the app. I did install the app and it had open/close and it opened when I hit it but I do not know if it is open or closed by looking on the icon. Not sure if I have the sensor configured correctly. I am using the insteon garage door kit.

Any help would be appreciated and I don’t understand a lot of the jargon so please bear with me. I wish I hadn’t done the upgrade at this point


I have noticed that you’ve already sent us a trouble ticket and we will try to solve your issues ASAP.

UI7 requires a different account than what UI5 uses. You need to register your unit with home.getvera.com. You will also need to use apps that support logging in via UI7. If I understand correctly you are using Automator.app? If that is correct, this app does not support UI7.

  • Garrett

Thanks For the Help. I was able to go to the dashboard from my iPhone and change the setting without getting redirected but still cant do it on my pc. Which is fine.

Can anyone walk me though setting up the garage door app?

Any suggestions on what app to use with iPhone for the u17 dashboard? Thanks again for all your help!