HaveIBeenPWned.com - my cp.mios.com account was leaked!


My older account which was ONLY made for Vera in cp.mios.com has leaked!

I received a warning that my mail adress that was only created an used by cp.mios.com was found in a huge database:

Vera, What has been in that database!? Was it my creditcard!?

I’ve never heard of this website before, here were my results for my email address.

I do use TheTVDB site.

I just checked and my Vera email is in there too. Guess I’ll change my pwd now.


Same happened here. Pretty bummed there has been no response in the meantime about this leak. Not even acknowledgement or a warning as a courtesy.

For me this means I’ll be switching over to another solution since ezlo doesn’t seem prepared to take the security of my home seriously.

Do you only use that particular email address for your Vera account and nothing else?

I checked the HaveIBeenPWned.com with my personal email address and it appear “compromised” on 16 websites, but on 14 of them I never had any account. Also multiple test accounts created only on legacy platform cp.mios.com with unique email addresses does not appear as being compromised on said website.

However, at Ezlo we don’t take security easy so an in-depth investigation started with our devops security team which is monitoring everything on the platform 24/7, and we are going to share the results with community in nearby future.

Also to respond to @MrVera legacy cp.mios.com database does not contain any credit card information.

Hi cw-kid,

Only for Vera yes. I have my own subdomain and can put anything in front of the @, quite handy.

Cheers Rene

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