Has anyone got a VISTA (21IP) + envisilink 4 talking to their VeraUI7? need help

Hey so this is what I’ve got:

Ademco Honeywell Vista 21IP Alarm panel (with 6160RF and TuxedoTouch), no remote monitoring service
Envisilink EVL-4CG connect2go (fully configured and functional using connect2go software & app) same as EyezOn
Vera Edge running UI7

my problem is probably what everyones problem is. That the plugin doesn’t exist for honeywell ademco panels so I’ve been attempting to use / configure the DSC plugin which I’ve read in a few places “Should work”. but nobody confirms this.

I have the device showing up in Vera (as a DSC alarm), I’ve set its static IPaddress with :4025 and the correct MAC address. Inturn the partition device on VERA was created, and my zones, as I enable them in the configuration page, do show up. however there is no communication. my zone devices do not show change of state, and any commands I make (arm/disarm) do not communicate to the alarm panel. This functionality of course is fully functional from the connect2go web page and directly connecting to the envisilink’s IP address is properly showing zone statuses.

Am I wasting my time trying to use a DSC alarm plugin for a honeywell panel or am I simply missing a configuration setting. Any help is much appreciated. ALSO, is it a consideration to scrap the envisilink and use a AD2USB module. Which i think would suck because I don’t want to be connecting a CPU and keeping it running at all times just so I can see my honeywell panel through my Vera.

I like the idea of having all 8 hardwired input zones visible in VERA which I plan to use for other purposes which is part of the reason I’m not simply satisfied using the connect2go app.

Thanks for any help

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I have it working, I’ll try to help anyway I can, what’s your issue?

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I’m in the same boat. All of the variables seem to be set properly, but I don’t have a TPI connection with my EVL-4.

I’m also looking for help modifying my setup to get VERA connected to an Envisilink that is attached to my Honeywell panel. The Envisilink EVL4 is working with their software…

I’m able to at least read all my zones via the integration…

But I’m not able to do anything beyond that…

Any pointer and what to add or modify to get the EVL4 to talk to my Vera?


Hi nutshellml,

I just installed a vista alarm and evl4 after having successfully used a evl3 on a vista at my last home. Could you help detail out how you got this plugin to work on Honeywell versus DSC or point me in the right direction? I stupidly made an assumption that the ademco Vera plugin would still be available : (

Also, If anyone has a backup or can make one of the final version of the ademco vera plugin, I would so very much appreciate getting it. I left my veralite behind at my last home.

Has anyone got the Honeywell Tuxedo and Envisalink connected to and controllable by their Vera controller? Is there a Honeywell plugin or modified DSC plugin that will work?

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