Harmony remote as a scene controller

Do I need a hub extender to trigger scenes with a harmony ultimate?

Hi Matt,

With the Harmony Hub plugin you can trigger scenes on several events, but they are all linked to changing activities. There are no triggers possible on commands to the individual devices.

More details can be found in the user guide found here https://github.com/reneboer/vera-Harmony-Hub.

The extender will give you control over Z-wave devices from your remote. Different use case.

Cheers Rene

Thanks for your help.
I bought a hub and fought with it for three days, it kept loosing the WiFi connection with my iPhone or iPad.
Wasn’t impressed with the app HMI either so I returned it.

Hi Matt,

Yes the WiFi stack of the Hub is not the best to say it mildly. Logitech is listing a handful of WiFi routers it should work well with, which is the world up side down of course.

It especially does not seem to handle dynamic WiFi channel switching of the ‘modern day’ routers well. Locking the channel of your WiFi routers 2.4Mhz signal will help is my experience. I also switch it off a few hours during the night. It has been working well since.

If it works it is a nice bit of hardware in the house with a high WAF, but I have the remote with it. I agree the app is too cumbersome to be a remote replacement. More a device than true app problem IMO though. Not everything is a nail.

Cheers Rene

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