Harmony Hub Control and PLEG actions

I am having problems integrating the Harmony Hub Plug in to my PLEG. I have a PLEG action to turn on my living room lights when we get up in the morning and want to amend it to include turning the TV/DVR to channel 1013 when the lights come on.

I have set up the child device for my DVR and assigned buttons for “turn DVR on” and four buttons for 1, 0, 1, 3 numbers. When I try add the Harmony DVR child device into my PLEG action it gives me the options for “UpdateDeviceButtons”, “SendDeviceCommand”, “Reconfigure”, “StressTest”, “Remove”, “Poll”, “ToggleState”, “SetPollFrequency” and “AllowPairing”. I have tried them all and cannot get the Harmony to change my channel in PLEG. Two questions. 1. Where do I go to find out what these mean? 2. Which should I use to change the channel on my DVR? Apologizies if this should be in PLEG board.

That is Harmony Hub specific … you might need to try to add the Harmony Hub itself as the action … then you might find an action to use.
If you find it will likely have an argument to specify the child device.

Thank you Richard. I will try that.

If I’m understanding your goal correctly, there may be a simpler method:

  1. Create a Harmony activity that turns your DVR (and whatever else–TV etc) on and to the desired settings (input, channel, etc.).
  2. In the Harmony Hub plugin, create a corresponding button assignment.
  3. In your PLEG action, select the main Harmony Hub as the device and with the Advanced slide “off”, select the button configured in #2 above.

On the other hand, if you have a separate activity already running that would be turned off when this DVR activity is started then this method may not be useful.


The action to use is SendDeviceCommand. See the user guide [url=https://github.com/reneboer/vera-Harmony-Hub]https://github.com/reneboer/vera-Harmony-Hub[/url]

Cheers Rene

Is that the same as IssueDeviceCommand?


The result is the same indeed, but the IssueDeviceCommand is sent to the main Harmony Device and on of the parameters is the ID used by your Harmony for the device (7 or 8 digit number). Difference is explained in the user guide.

Cheers Rene