Harmony Control : Hub connection set-up failed. Remote ID could not be retrieved, check IP address

The IP address is correct and set as fixed and the port and it is set for port forwarding in my UniFi Dream Machine.
I verified the login credentials are correct.
I cannot connect to my Harmony Hub.
Plugin Version 4.3.
Harmony Hub Version 4.15.264.
Harmony Extender Version 1.2.99
What do you need from me to find out what the issue is?

Hi @Sammy2,

Please set the log level to debug and reload luup and see what is shown in the log file.

You say you use port forwarding? Are you doing this for the correct port (8088)?

Cheers Rene

I change the logging to Debug and hit CNTRL F5 and it won’t “stick”, reverting back to Error. I’m not getting any useful logs

For whatever reason I thought the port was 5222. I changed the port to 8088 in my router which didn’t change anything.

Hi Sammy,
Are you running on a Vera or openLuup? The settings should change the moment you click out side of the value you just changed. Maybe you should try to reinstall the files.

Cheers Rene

I’m on Vera but would it be better to run openLuup on a spare NUC i3 I have laying about basically unused? I’ve considered switching to HomeSEER on the NUC but that is even more expensive.

Where do I obtain the files to drop into Vera?

Hi @Sammy2,

On a Vera first look to see the file system has not filled up, that will result in corrupting any new file getting downloaded. I assume you did the install from the Mios App market. you can overwrite the files from the github repository and also find all instructions in the Wiki that may be useful.

Download, unzip and upload via the Vera Apps > Develop Apps > Luup files route. Do not upload the png files that way.


That didn’t work.

How do I see if the file system is filled up?
Better yet, how do I switch to openLuup on my NUC?

Hi Sammy,

You can find details on openLuup here GitHub - akbooer/openLuup: a pure-Lua open-source emulation of the Vera Luup environment and in the openLuup topic on this forum.

There are also multiple topics on how the ssh into your Vera and use the df command to look at filesystem use.

Cheers Rene

Closing the loop…

After several days and several tries it reconnected all by its lonesome.

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I applied the latest VeraPlus f/w update and afterwards the Harmony Control Plugin is not connecting again. I checked the IP address and login credentials and all is correct. What gives?

Occasionally my harmony hub disconnect, I find it helpful to remove the IP address, reload LUUP, then put the IP address back in and reload. Usually starts working after that

My Harmony hubs often disconnect after I have rebooted my Vera Plus.

I have to test Vera can actually ping the IP addresses of the Harmony hubs OK and then reload the LUUP engine a few times and they eventually connect again.