hardware upgrade questions (PLEG related)

First, if this has already been covered forgive me.

Getting ready to upgrade (replace) my Vera 3 to Vera Plus. Got some questions.

  1. Do I need to back up any of my defined PLEG ‘devices/scripts’ or will they migrate like all other devices?

  2. Does the license transfer or do I have to purchase a new one? (I saw that question posted from awhile back but there was no answer)



New license, Les.

Why not think about using the V3 as a slave to the plus?
Might save a lot of work excluding/including.

The only thing I’m not sure is whether PLEG will continue to run on the V3 devices or it needs to be controlled by a PLEG in the VP? I’d be interested in knowing the answer to this one (sorry if I hijacked the thread).

See the various posts whichighlight problems with specific devices when upgrading from 3 to plus.
Some devices will not work and Vera team recommend re-build.
Due to Vera after upgrade not being device number 1 which is only fixed by resetting z-wave.

I do have an upgrade policy for my licenses … but it really only helps if you have more than one of any license type.
If you upgrade you will have to buy at least one of each license … them email me with old and new serial number … and I will provide some additional licenses based on the policy.

Actually, I forgot how reasonable your charges were. I just went ahead and bought a new license. Thanks for a great product!