Hal Version - Latest is 1.005

Version 1.005 has been released to the Google Play store.
It has the following fixes:

[ul][li]Allow devices that are not placed in a specific room
Previosly it would hang if any were found. That was a serious problem![/li]
[li]Fix Font Size Problems for Dictionary.[/li]
[li]Allow phrases in the dictionary (No Fuzzy Logic support for matching dictionary yet)
Now if you really want to ask Hal to Open the pod bay doors … you can map that phrase to a legitimate command phrase.[/li]
[li]Handle UTF-8 characters in Help File
This should be helpful for the non - english users.[/li]
[li]Auto refresh help file display when Vera Configuration changes.
Previously it would only update when the program was restarted.[/li]
[li]Swedish Localization
Thanks Henrik![/li]
[li]Semantic Rules Processing bug fixes.[/li]
[li]Fix bugs in background processing.[/li][/ul]