HA18C (HA18WD) not responding to local (switch) command.

Earlier today, I had a HA18C stop responding to the switch.
It’s wired in 3-way mode.
From either Vera or from the remote (non Z-Wave) switch I could still control the HA18 switch and thus turn on/off the (incandescent) lamps that the switch was hooked to.
However, the local switch just did not respond.

I killed the power at the breaker for 10s and then powered back up. The local switch on the HA18 started working again.

Has anyone else experience this? I’m about to a lot more of these switches, but if it quirks like this occasionally, that will be quite problematic.

I had an Intermatic HA20C that refuses to answer polls anymore. It does accept messages, but never responds.

I tried resetting breakers, repairing, and even removed it, swapped it out, and then put it in a different location and still had the issues with it.

I also had an Intermatic USB Stick that just quit functioning after a year of working.

Since then, I’ve tryed to stay away from Intermatic’s stuff.

I know they say WD and Intermatic stuff is the same, but I’ve not had near the issues with the WD stuff in the house.

Intermatic has (well, perhaps had) excellent support. I had two modules failed - they replaced both with no receipt or other proof of purchase; it took just few days to get replacement.