HA07 Controller Intermatic - Use of Off buttons

I have figured out how to use the HA07 to run scenes as a secondary controller to Vera. I was not successful in getting the HA07 to run devices directly. I set up scenes to turn a light on and off. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to run a scene from the “off” side of the controllers buttons. Any ideas?

I’m in the same situation, with the have the same question… also haven’t been able to figure out how to use the All On/All Off buttons at the top. I’ve searched the forum and not found any clear answers. Hopefully someone here more knowledgable than I can help.

What the Off buttons do is pre-determined by the remote: it switches off all devices in the scene (that is associated with the corresponding On button). As such, you won’t have to set up a separate Off scene in Vera. Also, Vera has no way of knowing which Off button you pressed. There’s a bunch of prior topics on this.

To control lights directly, you need to re-include the remote (if set up through scenes in Vera). Or, as far as I remember, you can program the buttons per the HA07 manual. The latter method leaves Vera out of the loop, so a status change won’t show up on the Dashboard immediately.

Regarding the All On / Off buttons, I haven’t played with those. I don’t think Vera is involved. It is important that your devices are configured to respond to these commands.

OTi@, thank you for the reply. Your input really helped. I’ve now got things working the way i want them. I didn’t realize that I needed to directly pair my HA07 with the devices if I wanted to use the Off buttons. Thanks

As said, you can use that method, or create an On scene and re-include the HA07 (i.e. include again, without excluding). When you re-include it, the scene information is transferred to the HA07. Because it now knows what devices are associated with the On button, it will also turn those off if you press the Off button.

I just did a quick test with an HA07, a Vera Lite and two plug-in dimmers (Leviton and GE). These methods still work. Also, I looked at the All On / Off buttons. They worked without having to do anything. But as said, your device may need to be configured to respond to these commands. I tried the method listed in the HA07 manual and was able to exclude one of my dimmers from responding.

Just to make it clear to some newbies like me :wink:

reinclude means:

  • Do not remove the HA07 from dashboard (devices)
    ** Set secenes for turning on lights before starting
  1. Put the HA07 in Receive All mode (RA). I think is press Include for 5 secs then button 2 on…check instructions
  2. go to devices-> Add Device → Advanced Zwave Devices
  3. Click the “Add One” button

You’ll see a message on dashboard (top messasge section) say something like “found know device” adding device…at this time, new/modified scenes are transfered to the HA07

After that, if you set button 1 to launch a scene that turns on 2 lights, the off button will turn off both lights.

I’ve tried this with different devices like sensors for arm/disarm or virtual switches (for on/of) but had no luck yet…any1 made it?



IIUC, you’re looking to use the Off buttons to do something with a non-Z-wave device (e.g. virtual switch) or use a feature that isn’t part of the device (arm/disarm a sensor). This implies that Vera is involved. The thing with the Off buttons is that Vera cannot be involved, as this is a feature of the remote; that’s why you need to transfer the scenes to the remote. The remote is only capable of switching off a device that it supports natively (i.e. if you had no Vera / used the remote as a primary controller); so essentially dimmers and switches.