HA07 Buttons 10-12 No Work

I am running Vera 1.0.979. I ran into a peculiar problem with my HA07 scene buttons 10, 11, and 12. I was wondering if others also have this problem, or is it something I am doing wrong?

I have a scene that controls the temperature set point of a Wayne Dalton thermostat. When the scene is invoked from the HA07 button 9, it works correctly. However, when assigned to scene buttons 10, 11, or 12, it fails. However, lights also assigned to the scene will turn on correctly, even from buttons 10-12.

I have read elsewhere that Vera downloads the light control information to the remote, and then just has the remote notify Vera if there is something in the scene that the remote cannot handle (like running LUA code, or setting the thermostat). I suspect that the notification for buttons 10-12 are not being properly recognized by Vera, and thus the associated scene is not being run.

Any ideas?

I’m assuming you’re solely talking about the “On” buttons? And the scene runs from #9 and all you change is the button number and it no longer works?? How odd.

I have an HA07 and a WD, when I get a chance I’ll try changing the button and see what I get!!
(Might not be for a day or two).

I use a couple of HA09’s and one of them had a bad button just as you describe, I returned it and the replacement worked fine

When your buttons failed, did everything stop working off of that button?

My HA07 buttons are working, in that stuff that the HA07 directly controls works (like lights). It is just Vera that does recognize that the button was pushed. And only buttons 10-12.

Still wondering what I could be doing wrong…

same situation, it would control directly, such as lights, but not run the Vera scene

Any resolution on this issue? I am having the same problem with each of 2 new HA07’s.
I had previously successfully installed one HA07 remote and it was working fine under 1.0.979. I just now upgraded to 1.0.988 and tried to add a second HA07. I was easily able to successfully pair each one with Vera and COPYra the scenes to the remotes. I repeated the steps for each remote and it worked fine.

The scenes I have include both lights and tsats setpoints. I set up trigger events linked to the scene buttons on the remotes. (Events called R1B1 for Remote 1 Button 1 etc) But now when I push the buttons on the remotes only the lights work in the scenes as they are executed. And Vera complains with “failed command” when I try to use the dashboard to control either the device or the scene after pressing the remote button.

Thoughts? Vera is driving me crazy!

I now have 4 HA07 controllers (love the clearance sale that “Tuesday Morning” had on these). Each of them works and fails the same way. So I am positive it is a Vera limitation.

Simply put, Vera does not get notified for buttons 10-12. I had to move my scenes around so that only lights are controlled by buttons 10-12. Anything that requires Vera intervention, such as the thermostat, gets relegated to buttons 1-9.