HA Bridge - Create Dimmer

I’ve had all I can take hearing the frustrating “Hub not responding” when using Vera and Alexa. Have HA Bridge installed and running. Working fine for turning things on and off, but for the life of me I can not find instructions on creating a dimmable device. There seems to be tons of information out there, but it’s all just code related and I’m not that person. Can someone give some basic instructions or point me in the direction of how to simply create a dimmer device? When I bring a device over, it always comes into HA as a switch.

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Enter your Veras IP address.

Change DeviceNum=80 to whatever your device number should be.


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Thanks so much! Where do I add that text? Do I need to change any of the device or other dropdowns?

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When I create a Dimmable Vera device in HA Bridge, I would enter that line in the “Dim item” .

And I would have two other http commands for on / off etc.

one in “On Items” and one in “Off items”

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Done Deal! Working just fine. Thanks again…


Easy when you know how.


Is there a list of these urls? Looking to do Garage Doors next. Guessing to trigger a scene would be a work around, just wondering if there was a lock/unlock option for Alexa commands.

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I don’t know about locks.

But look at Luup Requests


And also this Web page helps you create http commands for Vera