Ha-Bridge - Alexa Does not discover devices


Ive installed Ha-bridge after getting "device unresponsive’ for pretty much all my devices using the vera skill on alexa. Ive used the bridge before but for some reason this time my alexa does not discover any devices.

I have the vera linked, the devices and scenes are loaded into the HA-bridge and I can build the bridged devices. What can be the reason the alexa is not seeing the devices - am i missing a step?


Loaded question of late. Amazon has been making changes with Alexa, pushes out code updates with no notice and no way to confirm and we’re often left to discover on their own. I have a couple of location where I noticed the same behavior recently, ha-bridge stopped working and I was unable to immediately get Alexa to discover all devices.

There was a fix recently on ha-bridge where the id in the device.db file needed to be set to 9 hex digits instead of 6 or 7. I haven’t seen any updates from ha-bridge for the issue, if you haven’t already tried that approach suggest a quick search for ha-bridge and device.db. Advanced skill, requires editing data file on the device (for me raspberry pi) running ha-bridge. Symptoms present as you note, no issues connecting between vera and ha-bridge, its another issue with ha-bridge Hue emulation and Amazon code.

Found the link with the detail on unique id discussion

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