HA-07 as a secondary for Vera Lite

I have read several posts that describe how to use the HA-07 with older Vera. I can’t find any info that describes how to add the HA-07 as a secondary controller to a Vera LIte. I have added the HA-02 device successfully but how do I assign the other devices to the on/off buttons on the HA-07. Seems there must be some way to get the vera to transmit its configuration to the HA-07 and then assign the devices to the channel controls of the HA-07. Thank you in advance for any help you can point me to.



I don’t think it’s any different for Vera Lite, compared to an ‘older Vera’. (You can include the remote into Vera’s network, then set up scenes, then re-include the remote, e.g.) Or did that not work?

Thank you for the reply. The document I was trying to use to get this to work is “http://docs5.mios.com/doc.php?language=1&manual=1&platform=3Lite&page=ha07,%20ha09,%20intermatic”. My Vera sees the controller, I have a scene set up (which functions properly when executed from the Vera) I have assigned the scene to button one on the controller but nothing happens when I activate the button. You comment about “re-including the remote” - how exactly do I re-include it? I don’t see anything in the document about this step.

Hmm, I believe it should have activated the scene, even without re-including.

Re-including is the same procedure you did to originally include the device. It gives Vera a chance to update the scenes in the controller (which is especially important to make the Off part of the buttons work).