H890 Pro and Monster AVL300 using Z FW 3.2 and Vera FW 1.1.1245?


Has anyone been successful at adding either the Harmony 890Pro or the Monster AVL300 as a secondary controller to Vera2 using the Z Wave FW 3.2 and using the “newer” Vera FW 1.1.1245?

I have been trying this myself, treading in new territory, however so far I have been unsuccessful. I really wanted to create an SOP to add to the Wiki for this, if it is even possible.

Not sure I want to try anymore now… :frowning: What are your observations / any improvement over the earlier beta that you had issues with, or same thing?

No improvements over .1230, same thing basically. I have tried numerous ways in trying to set it up going back and forth between Vera and the Logitech Hardware/Software trying different steps to figure out a way to make it work; associating devices, uploading to the Logitech software, downloading back to the remote and the RF extender, resetting devices, etc.

The H890 Pro will come up as a secondary controller on the remote itself which is nice to see, considering the H890 Pro used to always “think” that it was the primary when using the Z Wave FW 2.78. Once the association has been established between the Z Wave Device and Vera it seems that the remote isn’t capable of seeing the z wave device at all. Forcing the z wave device to associate to the remote will then cause the z wave device to reset, breaking the initial association with Vera. I have spent a week trying to figure this out and haven’t made any progress. I really believe that the problem is between the new Z Wave Firmware 3.2 and the limitations of the cumbersome Logitech Software for the H890 Pro. I don’t know much about the Monster AVL300 remote other then it’s basically identical to the H890 Pro.

With the H890 Pro associated to Vera the remote comes up in Vera’s dashboard as a scene controller complete with other visible nodes and an option to enter scene numbers. I haven’t figured out how to associate Vera’s Scenes into the remote to upload to the Logitech Software yet, tho. I really don’t think it is possible as the remote wants the Z Wave devices associated to itself and then through the Logitech Software is where Logitech wants you to create scenes to download or update back into the remote and into the RF extender.

I refuse to revert back to Z Wave FW 2.78, it was nice being able to control z wave devices with both the H890 Pro and through Vera but I’m really considering trying out the GC-100 and tinkering with that. The Harmony isn’t so fun anymore as it doesn’t play nice with my Vera and I can’t have that. lol.

Maybe I’ll get a z wave receptacle or a switch that isn’t important and let the Harmony control it just to give it something to do, leaving all of the more important stuff to Vera. I wouldn’t want a fully capable z wave chip to go to waste now would I? lmao!

I have the same scenario, except with the AVL300. Any updates?

Anyone ever get this to work?

I’m still curious, too - AVL 300 here, too, and unable to make it a secondary so far.