Grouping from the plugin not working right.


I have been playing around with different functions both through lua or directly on the UI of the plugin itself to
SetGroupMember, JoinGroup or the GroupZones parameters with other actions and every time it tries to set a group, it seems to ungroup all the existing groups and reform groups. Only that it sometimes fails to regroup them all and I seem to consistently be missing one zone in the group.
I currently am running 4 zones: Hallway, Master Bedroom, Office, Living Room

  1. When in the plugin, I click select all and apply, I end up with 3 groups (2 zones were grouped) or best case I end up with 2 groups (all in one group except for the master bedroom which never seem to be able to join) and I generally get it only because I created the 4 zone group in the Sonos OS X app. I can never seem to group all 4 zones with the plugin. Most of the time it seems to randomly try to group zones and ends up nowhere near where it should be.
  2. When I use the “say” action for TTS and I am playing music in all 4 zones as one group, and I use the GroupZones parameter as “all”, while playing the TTS mp3, it undoes my group, regroups 3 of the zones together (and the missing one is always the master bedroom), plays the TTS in the 3 zones, then regroups back the 4 zones to continue playing the music…
    This behavior seem to be the same when I test the TTS function in the UI.
    Is there a bug or am I doing something wrong?

What kind of Sonos is your master bedroom? Have you a pair of Sonos ?

Yes a Stereo Pair (play1) but so is my living room (play 3)…

Grouping with pairs in the network is known to be not well handled by the plugin. You will find several discussions about that in this section of the forum. Despite my different attempts to solve this issue, in blind, it seems to not work fully. Maybe the reverse engineering is not correct.
It would probably be solved if one day I have such a setup myself.