Group Activities

Patriick, Once a group activity is executed does it always complete to the end . I have an activity that is executing all actions before a 75 second delay but none of the actions after the delay. The condition group does become false before the 75 seconds is up. Basically the condition group is check on a ping sensor for my TV. If ping status is 0 condition is true then activites are fired, powers on TV amongst other things and when ping is detected the group condition becomes false. So I guess the question is does the changing of the condition group from true to false stall the group activity midway.

Is there an activity assigned for when the group becomes false? That would pre-empt the prior activity.

No, just the true, false is unused. The funny thing is this had been working all the while. I have an older Sony Android TV and it takes about a minute to boot up before it will respond to changing inputs so hence the need for a delay. If need be I can get you Summary at some point tomorrow.

Yeah, a squiz at the summary would be good, preferably, trigger that condition, wait out the full delay plus another 10-15 seconds, then do the summary.

In the meanwhile, make sure the false activity is completely empty. If it contains even just a comment, it would not be considered empty.

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Patrick, Late last night and this morning I can not replicate the issue so I am going to chalk it up to a system hiccup. I will let you know if it resurfaces.