Grasshopper Windows Phone 8 Client Beta Signup

I’m nearing completion of the grasshopper windows phone 8 client. If you have any interest in beta testing send an email to Your email needs to be the same one used for your windows phone for microsoft to grant access. Below are the general features that will be supported


  • Supports remote and local mode for UI2, UI4 and UI5.
  • Ability to control multiple vera units.
  • Live tiles are supported for most things.
  • Support both Scenes and Devices.
  • Auto detection of services tailored to each device. Services supported are AlarmPartition, Camera, Dimming, DiscretePower, DoorLock, EnergyCalculator, EnergyMetering, FanSpeed, HumiditySensor, HvacFanMode, HvacUserMode, InputSelection, LightSensor, MediaNavigation, MenuNavigation, Misc, NumericEntry, Pip, SecuritySensor, SwitchPower, TemperatureSensor, TemperatureSetPointCool, TemperatureSetPointHeat, TogglePower, Tuning, TV, VideoAdjustment, Volume, WindowCovering and Wmc.
  • Live camera support in local mode and auto refresh snapshots in remote mode.
  • Host resolver that will automatically pick the appropriate server based on your connection
  • For quickest setup please have an account with
  • For more info goto

mail sent