Grasshopper v1.4 released (Windows Phone 7 Client)

Here’s some new features for v1.4

  • New button on main page for easily switching too a different server for your unit.
  • Security sensor functionality page. It will allow you to Arm and Bypass the sensor
  • Updated more icons to get them in sync with the UI4 ones.
  • Added functionality to do manual creation and maintenance of unit configuration information, which eliminates use of mios if you choose.

I came in here looking for support for the awesome Windows Phone 7 (All I saw were iPhone & Android). Thank you so much for this app. It will help me defend my WP7 to my wife, who has the iPhone. I told her about the Vera, and that you can control stuff from your phone, and her reply “Even your Windows Phone?”. Ouch. Yea, I’m a Windows Phone 7 fan, and I really appreciate your effort in making this app!

I’m new to the micasaverde vera home control and was looking for a WP7 app. Nothing in the market, so I was looking for code to make my own app… Then I found your Grasshopper. It looks great, but it’s not available for me, as I’m Dutch. Maybe I can help you make your app international? I can also code for WP7, so if you need any help, just let me know.

i cannot find it in the dutch market for WP7 and it seems i cannot buy/install from other markets as on the dutch market place.

Could you please make is also available for The Netherlands(dutch) WP market?