Grasshopper v1.3 released (Windows Phone 7 Client)

Here’s a summary of changes for the 1.3 release. Should show up on the market in a few hours.

v1.3 Changes

  • Generic camera support added. Supports panning and zoom for viewing still image
  • Added full screen mode for camera page. This will be accessed by clicking image. Will support flicking for panning.
  • Added icons to all devices and scenes. Some will change based on state on/off, etc
  • Devices will now show power usage if data is available
  • Changed dimmable light page to use slider instead of radio buttons. Uses increments of 20.
  • Will now show power meters, remote control and window cover devices (can only see power usage at this time)
  • Removing status text On/Off, on devices that have icons that show this info
  • Change UI to now use jump lists grouped by room. Just click a room and then you can jump to another room quickly
  • App bar changed to now allow quick select of other vera units.

Looks better than ever, thanks for the hard work!

Have a question/suggestion - my vera doesn’t change very often, and 95% of the time I’m just using it at home. Rather than have it go to the vera (or to poll all the devices, can there be an option to cache the info? I think this would make it much faster.

Any problems you could see with that? I think Home Buddy (the Android Vera client) does this, and it seems to work pretty well.


actually the program caches the data for all the units configured. When the program loads it will use this data first. Then in the background it will update the data to the current state. I just recently released v1.4 which has some other new features, check out the link below Once microsoft releases more api’s later this month, i have a bunch of new features i’ll be implementing.