Grasshopper, UI7 and remote access


I give a try to UI7 since yesterday.
I was under UI5 and quite everything is working like before.

I manage to connect Grasshopper on my Vera Lite in local, but I didn’t manage to make it work when I am outside, by remote access.
Is it working ?

Do I need a specific host ?
The only host I have is the local IP address of my Vera Lite.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Yes, it works great !

Did you made an update of Grasshopper ? after upgrading to UI7 from UI5, I’ve made a new login, assigned the vera, and everything was ok.



It works for me in localhost but not in remote access.
I have made an update of the parameters of Grasshopper after updating to UI7, but it wasn’t working in remote access.
So, I uninstall Grasshopper and reinstall it.

Like before, it works, in local (WiFi) but not in remote access (when I am outside home).
I have tried several hosts that I have find in the forum, but always the same :frowning: .

Nb : when I was on UI5, it was working both in wifi (local address) and outside home (remote).

What are your hosts in Grasshopper ?


Have you deleted the old unit and re-added it back?

Yes, done.

Same thing here (although still using UI5), cannot access outside. ‘Password seems to be invalid’ – must have something to do with MCV servers?

UI7 works just like UI6, however i’ve seen issues with their servers being flaky. When you setup your unit you should see two hosts created. One is for remote and your local ip. If your not getting both that means the authentication servers are not behaving properly. Their auth system is much more complicated now so its pretty much impossible to just assign a host manually even though i have a UI for it. You have to authentication on multiple servers (some of which you don’t even know about that happen under the covers). If you continue to have issue i always suggest to people to create a read only account that i can access to see what is happening. Just email me and we can take a look.


In fact, my wife has an android phone. So, I try on it and there is no problem.
In Grasshopper, I have 2 problems with UI7 :

  • the first : I have no remote access
  • the second : I have 3 cameras, 1 foscam and 2 dink
    In imperihome, the 3 cameras are working.
    In Grasshopper, only the foscam is working.

I will send you an e-mail.

All those issues are fix. I’ll be pushing out a release shortly

I can confirm, it’s working.
Thanks mramgine :wink: