Grasshopper mobile app doesn't show video

I installed the Grasshopper app on my windows phone and it’s connected to my verde just fine (it works with lights, for example). But when I click to view my video, the video frame doesn’t show. It’s just an “X”.

The verde UI shows the camera ok though. What’s the best way to debug this?


If you are trying to view the camera via remote access (not on your local network). There is no good way of viewing live footage. In UI5 MCV did not implement the proper api’s to allow this as it was once done in UI4. In my app, I have to rely on retrieving the camera image as fast as I can (1 frame a second) when remotely viewing the camera image. Each app developer will have their own way of implementing this. You might have better luck in getting a faster answer by asking the developer of the app directly.

  • Garrett

Thanks - this makes sense about the live video, but I think I’m having something different.

With more testing, I’d say about 60% of the time I navigate to the camera on the phone, I see an up to date static image from the camera. The other 40% is an X.

And actually, something similar seems to be happening when I view direct from the MCV UI5. When I navigate to the foscam, ~60% of the time I see a snapshot and then it quickly changes to an X. 35% of the time it works fine. And 5% of the time I don’t even see the snapshot before the X. I just see the X.

Any thoughts what could be up? Thanks again.