Grasshopper Broken on Windows 8.1

Hi Guys,

Anyone having issues with Grasshopper on Windows 8.1 or 8.X.

Have an usual bug here that I can replicate on a Windows 8.1 Tablet and a full blown Windows 8.1 PC.

When selecting the camera, I am getting the following error:-

HRESULT: 0x80072F7D

I suspect a windows update has killed something.

Anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks,


I’m the dev. I just pulled the app down and none of my cameras are having issues. I suspect something accidentally has changed on your vera. Is the website working? I’m thinking the url is not returning an image. The url format is this: yourveraurl\data_request?id=request_image&cam=123

You can send an email to the support email in the app and maybe i can help you further. Also there is a forum setup specifically for Grasshopper. You will get a quicker response from folks if you post in there.


I am able to replicate this over 3 different Vera’s that I run, this includes Vera Lite, Vera 3 and Vera Edge.

I am also able to replicate this from a Windows 8.1 Touchscreen PC based at a different location as to my home one. This was all working perfectly until the last set of Windows Updates, when I google the error, it mentions a stack overflow. No picture is displayed, just the error message in a small box.

Please note that this is on a desktop pc and not the mobile version.

Many thanks,