Grasshopper 4.0.2 (UWP), Grasshopper 3.0.17 (8.1) - Released

  • Crash report email. The app will try to save the current log info along with the exception that caused the crash when exiting. When the app loads the next time it will detect this file and ask the user to email.
  • Small tweak to properly cleanup the password vault info when the app is reset.
  • Bug fix related to the location functionality not enabling properly based on the general setting related to it.
  • Email attachments will now be zip files to reduce size (win 10 client only currently)
  • Bug fix to for Quick Action, Run Scene and camera tile updating to properly check if using best server before doing a network call.
  • Bug fix for a few crash bugs

is there any update if geofencing is or will be available soon?

Its already there. You build them using the action functionality and then assigning the action to a location.

strange, i only can choose tile or nfc when using action, nothing else.
Also no update available for the app, so running last version.

Its only visible if the background processes setting turned on in general settings and the the geo locator status is not disabled (i’m actually not sure where you turn this off on the phone so its probably not the issue).

Actually there is a bug. When i split the background tasks selector i didn’t get the code updated properly for the location stuff. I’ll fix it in the next update

Update has been submitted to store. Usually takes about a day or so to be validated.