Grasshopper Released

  • added new error message to make it more clear when there is a connectivity issue with a server
  • enhanced action runner to check/update server before it runs, should make voice commands, tiles, nfc, etc more reliable.
  • added retry logic to the voice commands loading
  • implemented full screen camera view. You will see new icon in the top left to open and close that view
  • tile updates to some formatting issues


Not sure if you saw the post in the Remote Control Section, but Grasshopper is no longer working with the cameras on Windows 8.X Comes back with a HRESULT Error.

Have replicated this on two machines and a windows 8.1 Tablet.

Any advise would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


The desktop app hasn’t been updated in a while since i’m working on the universal version. I’d make sure the server you are connecting too is still correct. You can update those a few different ways in settings. If that doesn’t help i’d suggest emailing me directly at and we can go from there.