Grasshopper released (desktop only)

I was able to get the first release out finally… I’m sure there are some bugs or weirdness in there but it should be pretty stable and a nice upgrade from the 8.0 version. I’m going to watch the app for a bit before i push out the phone update since the code is now 100% shared. You will find there is feature parity with most things but a few things can’t be activated till i can port to the windows 10 UAP

Nice work!

Great work, loving it!


Are the icons showing on your tiles?

Seem fine on mine

One thing I noticed is that my cameras wont go into live mode.

K. Maybe its something with my windows 10 box. I did notice a strange error when loading the camera view sometimes but need to debug it. I suspect your issue might be related to that.

Ya it looks like there is a possible bug in the HttpClient library since i can’t repo in any browser. This bug is what is causing the camera feed to error out intermittently for no reason. What is weird is this is the same code that run on the phone without issue. Ugh.

Appears to be this issue… yah

just updated to on W10 desktop, but didn’t appear to be any “voice” option in the actions tab. any pointers, or is Cortana a phone only feature still?

I had to disable the voice commands and a few other things since those features are not available or just work completely differently on the desktop side of the api’s. I’m pretty sure once they release windows 10 for phone i’ll be able to get even better feature parity and convert to the UAP (univeral app platform). For now i’ve just disabled things that won’t work properly.