Graphs - Proposal to show captured Date/Time Data In A Different Way

Hi Chris

To complete my wish list I wanted to bring up again an earlier request I made for the graphing element to show date/time variables people capture in a slightly different way. (I can’t locate our earlier exchange on this)

Currently the x & y are both time based, so if possible it would be great for the y to be something constant like the device number or name - so you can track and compare such things as the frequency of updates.

E.g if I want to see the last wake up Intervals and compare them to when the batteryDate or LastUpdate of a particular variable occurs to see if it updating as often as it should.

And as date changes are always captured its a good validater (if that is even a word), whereas other types of variables only update when they change.

Now you have shown me the Graph Types, maybe this could be a future option for date/time variables you chose to capture.

Yes. If I remember the last discussion, you were logging something like uptime, but is this what you really want to see, or do you want to see “events”?

In the next version, I have the graphing of events/notifications - ie anything that shows up in the notifications tab. I’ve attached an example…

The way this works is it will graph out your notifications, broadly along the top of the graph. You can graph out either all notifications, or just the ones relating to the channels being graphed (ie notifications from the device or it’s parent).

I suspect this isn’t quite what you’re after, but I thought I’d mention it as it’s (maybe?) an alternative to what you’re trying to do? Anyway, food for thought…

Thanks Chris

My focus was actually on analysing the update frequency of certain values - see graph attached, the battery date variable should update every 3 hours during wake up, currently these are presented diagonally and overlap, which is not to bad when comparing two, but it would be nice if they could be presented as if they as horizontal parallel lines so you can see each one individually.

This way I can see Vera received an update, even if the value sent has not changed from the previous one.