Graphing Outside Temp from Wunderground

I’m wondering which output I need to be logging to get this. Under the Wunderground device there are a slew of things; wind chill, wind speed, alerts, forecasts, but nothing that just says temperature. Is there some secret code for this?

When I installed this app it created 5 different devices. 1 with a whole bunch of stuff in as you describe and 4 more with 1 each of temperature, temperature (high), temperature (low) and humidity.

It is the temperature device that I log in dataMine. If you don’t have the other devices it might be worth reinstalling the app. Make sure you keep a note of your provider key though.

Got it, thanks!

I’m graphing the outside temp, but now I want to grab wind speed. No go,I found the “wind speed” device under google weather, but it’s not logging

Any ideas?

WU has disabled their free API. Don’t know anything about using Google Weather.