GPS for 2 people and announcing with TTS logic question

I have a reactor sensor which monitors my wife’s and my GPS location. When we enter our home Geofence, there are 4 TTS scenarios that trigger when one of the house doors open:

  1. I arrive home while wife is not home.
  2. Wife arrives home while I am not home.
  3. We both arrive home together.
  4. Door opens when neither of us are home.

The problem I’ve had is that often, 1-2-3 all trigger when we both arrive home together, and I suspect this is because of lag between the time our geofence updates and when the door to the house opens. (But this may not be the case…i’m not sure because other conditions with TTS tied to GPS seem to trigger quick and as expected).

I have a 300 second delay reset to prevent the messages repeating if we go in-out quickly after we arrive home.

I’m using Reactor, Sonos, and Lobo GeofenceBeta Plugins.

Can anyone suggest conditions I can add which will prevent 1 and 2 triggering when we arrive home together?

Maybe in the conditions for 1,2,3 add the 4th group to be false and have it set to be sustained for 300 seconds or so.

I’m not quite a sure how that would change anything? If sustained as away for x amount of time, 1-2-3 would all still hypothetically become true at almost the same time when we get home together.

I know nothing about Lobo Geofence plugin, but if it is possible to increase the geofence to give it time to register both devices as home before you actually get to open the door, that might do the trick?

Sorry my mistake I mean add the condition ‘if group 3 is false’ in the groups 1,2 and have it sustained for x amount of seconds. This way groups 1 and 2 will correctly go true even if there’s a lag between locations of each device.

Just curios, how do you monitor (several) GPS locations with RS?

I would imagine he’s using iPhone locator or similar. Both my wife and I have an iPhone locator instance and Reactor reacts (durr) as appropriate.

This use case is a little more complex though. The challenge is (I think) the polling / update frequency of the phone GPS. It’s not real time. Not even close.

For us we have an additional ‘challenge’ that we live on the edge of town so if we set the heating to be triggered far enough away for the house to be warmed up, it’ll stay on if we go and watch a movie at our local Multiplex


I’m using @rigpapa’s Lobo GeofenceBeta, and Reactor sensor. It’s been excellent so far. Part of the setup process is for each of us have “OwnTracks“ on our devices.

I will try the time delay you mentioned @Pabla.

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I think what you really need to do is just interlock your logic, it is has a priority. That is, if both A and B can be true at the same time, but you only want A’s activity to run, then B’s conditions should include a check to make sure A is false; then B cannot be true when A is true, and only A’s activity will run. The condition groups will be evaluated in order, so as long as A comes before B in the order of conditions, it will be evaluated first and lock out B when it goes true.

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Thx will try this too.