Got the "DSCAlarmPanel : Invalid Password for the EnvisaLink module, please reconfigure." error

So I’ve had this error for a while, but everything is working well. Last night I reset the password back to the default using the EyesOn portal then updated the InterfacePassword variable for the device in Vera to match and did a restarted the controller. So far the error hasn’t come back. So my questions are:

  1. If the error does not come back should I just leave it be? It’s generally a bad idea to leave default passwords, but since this is behind my router does it matter much?
  2. If I do update the password I was reading that it has to be 7 characters or less. Is this correct? My old password was longer than that so perhaps that’s why I got the error in the first place?

I look forward to your replies.


Just to be safe I would change the password to something unique. Yes you will need 7 character or less password.

So update the Eyeson password in the portal, change the InterfacePassword variable in Vera to match, restart them and I should be good to go?

Yeaup, you may have to reload the engine. To do that go to your device settings>Advanced>new service then click reload engine

Thank you!

I am having the same issue here, but a reload of the engine did not correct this. Took a hard reboot of vera to get the plugin off the state it was locked in. It is almost as the plug-in was hung. Anyone else experience this? Did not happen until I upgraded the software on the EVL4