Google home sees FGR-222(Fibaro roller shutter 2) as lights/dimmers, not blinds

Hi All, i am trying to find a way to fix/improve HOW Google assistant/home sees my FGR-222 (Fibaro roller shutter 2)

I have 4 roller shutter motors, each controlled by a Fibaro FGR-222(Fibaro roller shutter 2), everything works perfectly in VERA PLUS and VERA CONCIERGE but google assistant/home sees those 4 smart devices as 4 smart lights, not as 4 smart blinds.

so the problem is that i need to say “Turn on light X at 50%” instead of “Open window X”

i have already found some work around with routines… so if i say “Open Window …” or similar in reality it trigger the light command “Turn on light …etc” but if possible i’d prefer to avoid workaround, also because i read that the same devices are supported by Google home as blinds (but via FIBARO home center), so i guess there must be a way/configuration to make Google assistant sees them as windows/blinds/roller shutters and not as lights.

Thank you a lot! any idea/suggestion is welcome!

Attached 3 screenshots(1.2.3.) of how it is currently in VERA, VERA CONCIERGE and GOOGLE HOME, +1 screenshot (“C.”) how i think it should be seen by google home (this last screenshot i took it from internet, it is not my system, just an example)


Same problem in my config. It’s not very smart to control like this…

Same here. I dont really mind since I call my FGR-222 “The Blinds” and as such I can just say “Hey Google, set the blinds to n%”. There is even a way to swap between n% meaning n% open or n% closed. I chose to keep it at open since google replies with “Setting the blinds brightness to n%” because it sees it as a dimmable light.

In the new firmware there is hope…
I hope vera will consider the new developments of Google…

For example BLINDS!!!

Does anyone successfully configured the FGR-222 to be seen as blinds?


hank you

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Checking for updates on this as I’m in the same predicament - blinds showing up in Google as switches, would like them to show as blinds.

There is no update. Using the Vera Smarter Home Control service, they are still switches in Google Home.

Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 module and a Qubino DC Flush Shutter module on this screen shot.

This is the Fibaro Roller Shutter module.

They may eventually update it for the Ezlo Google Home service.

I’ve just tested it using the Ezlo service.

This is how they look in the Google Home app, however you cannot control them at all via the Home app GUI.

@Sorin who’s in charge of the Voice Assistant integration? Can we ask them a question.

Thanks for your time and assistance. Using Ezlo & Google Home - does the voice assistant open/close with a command such as “Hey Google, Open blinds 50%”? (I realize you said the GUI doesn’t control it, but I’m more concerned with the voice control)

I dont know I haven’t tried and I think to test it properly I’d have to remove the “Vera” instance of a blind to see, so only an “Ezlo” instance of that blind device is present in Google Home not both.

In the meantime I’ve just renamed the “Ezlo” instance of my curtains to “Covering” in the Home app.

I then asked a Home speaker to “Open covering 50%”.

Her response was:

Actually the covering doesn’t support that functionality.

So I think the anwser to your question is no. It doesn’t work.

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