Google Home Profile to play sounds via Vera Alerts

I have both Vera Alerts and Vera Concierge. I currently use Sonos to play sounds for alerts. For example when my door bell goes off:

            [b] [i] luup.call_action(SONOS_SID , "Alert",{URI="x-file-cifs://192.168.1.XXX/Public/Vera/Sounds/DingDong.mp3", Duration=5, Volume=EVENT_VOLUME}, SONOS_DEVICE_NO1)[/i][/b]

I can get VearAlerts to to Text To Speech for Door Bell:

         [b][i]local VERA_ALERTS = XX
              luup.call_action("urn:richardgreen:serviceId:VeraAlert1", "SendAlert", {Message = "Front door Visitor", Recipients = "GH_Kitchen"}, VERA_ALERTS)[/i][/b]

But would love to send sound files/urls to Google Home Speakers to play sounds. I am looking at investing more speakers for GH then Sonos. $29 Google Home Min vs $300 Sonos.

Any ideas if supported and how to play sounds on Google Home via the Vera Concierge and or Vera Alerts?

I will add an option …

Richard, any chance an Amazon Echo could do a sound or speech notification from a motion sensor via Vera Alerts?

I will look into it … I probably need to create a skill for that.

I would pay for that skill…

Richard, how is the skill development coming along?

Bump. Any luck on the Google home sounds?

Looking to do some Christmas shopping. Should I buy one Sonos or 5 Google Min speakers? I would pay for the feature to use Google Home speakers then Sonos. Any luck on the new option/skill?