Google-Home not able to control Ezlo-Plus devices...sorta

I have three controllers: 2 x VeraPlus and 1 EzloPlus. All three are working well and I can see and control each of the controllers and devices via the VeraMobile app. We have about 85+ devices configured.

I also use GoogleHome. All of my devices (regardless of controller) are visible and respond to voice commands. In addition, I can see the current state of each device via the GoogleHome App. However, I can no longer manually (via GoogleHome App) control any of the devices attached to the EzloPlus. When I select one of the Ezlo devices it tells me there is no response and shows off-line. If I “verbally” tell Google to turn on/off the device, it changes and shows the current state (on the GoogleHome app), but I cannot make any changes manually.

I have reported this to Vera and they have been able to replicate the problem. Has anyone else seen this?


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