Google Home no longer working with Vera

Hi there,

Since two days, my Vera integration with Google Home is no longer working. All devices appear offline. The controller is online and the devices work with the Vera app. I have tried re-connecting the ‘Works with Google Home’ Integration, to no avail. Nothing has changed on the side of my router or network, I’ve rebooted everything several times, and all other non-Vera devices within Google Home are working fine.

Any help would be appreciated

Seems to be working for myself. I checked the Google Home app and the devices coming from my Vera Plus hub were online and controllable…

Same can’t be said about devices coming from my Ezlo Plus however, those do say Offline.

What hub are you using ?

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Same issue here. My devices coming from Ezlo Plus appears offline in Google Home.

I’m using a Vera Plus hub. Never had any issues in the past.

I’ve been looking for a reason to order a Homey Pro for a while, I guess this is it…

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