Google Home Integration in Vera

Just leaving this here in case anoyne missed it.,121477.0.html

Here’s a link that’s actually on the new forums and that explains the status a bit more.

Google Home integration does not work yet.

True, the code is supposedly there and the only thing missing is an approval from Google

I’m starting to doubt this a bit. Surely it can’t take this long for Google to approve this. There must be other things happening in the background.

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These things can take time, especially if fixes need to made. I googled around a bit and it seems like it took Telldus 17 days from announcing they sent it to google until announcing they were accepted.

It’s what? 19 days since release? doesn’t seem unreasonable that it’s still ongoing.

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Can we have an ETA?

This is the latest response I found from Vera (Sorin):

Hi guys, Google’s approval is a bit convoluted but long story short, we had to deliver a working setup to a third party that is authorized by Google to intermediate this process (Google requirement).

It is already part of the Vera firmware 7.29+ so when it’s gonna be approved it will work out of the box if you’re running a Vera with 7.29+. The ball is not in our court anymore.

Seems to me Vera might not have been given an ETA themselves, or just doesn’t want to risk getting bad rap because of a third party not meeting deadline.


I have find a bug with google home integration, the reason is the id of device with more of 26 carater.
I have DSC plugin and he make automaticly the name the of eatch device with more of 26 caracter. And when you whant to activate google home or alexa it dont work.

Beacarfull to your device name lenght to integrated home assistant !!!