Google Home installed when?

I found the plug-in Google Home installed on my Vera. I don’t recall installing this. I deleted it. I checked later and it is back in my list.
Also, it has created a device, but I do not see that in my device list.

It’s automatically installed. Don’t fight it. Simply accept it for the greater good…



I beg to differ, I fought it and won. No google virus in my house…
I would encourage you to do the same. @rigpapa provided an easy way to get rid of it. Just can’t remember which post.


That’s here:

This isn’t necessary with 7.31, though… that has plugin blacklisting, so uninstalling the plugin once should be enough. Should be.

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I missed my ‘Irony’ tag…



Depressing reading. I tried uninstalling again. It showed up again. The thread above has Edward saying Vera fixed this right? Do i need to reboot my system or something? The other method will take me a while to learn (relearn actually).

Are you running 7.31?


I deleted it tonight, and manually deleted the 3 files as well. Ezlo Cameras was another app that got installed when I updated to 7.31.

I upgraded my firmware and was then able to delete the app. Thanks!

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