Google Drive Backup

Any word if backing up to Google drive will be fixed? Any way to export that file to to use on another IOS device?


My wife seconds the request to be able to transfer settings to another iOS device!

I’m also waiting for this feature to return!

Is the Google drive backup/restore hard way? Or what is the way to backup and restore other device?
If the Google API is complex then have still Dropbox or other backup drive :grinning:

BUMP. This is an important feature when using multiple iOS devices. I’m moving over to a new Vera and am already loathing having to set everything up again on ONE device (let alone multiple).


Just an FYI to anyone watching this thread… I’ve also put in a support request and will report back if I hear anything.

I just setup my new controller today (migration from Vera 3) and spent over 2 hours setting up Veramate. I really don’t want to spend the time to do that again for my wife’s phone, iPads, etc.

Nothing heard from the support ticket or the forums.

I wish I could figure out Homewave and had the artistic skills to go with it!

Feels like it has been abandoned.

Veramate support was die…?
Or never been backup from Ios?

This feature was a major blow to VeraMate users with more than one device. I had to set my wife’s app up manually after we upgraded to new iPhone 8’s :confused: I miss the ability to backup VeraMate’s configuration. I hope the google drive feature returns!

…never ? :slight_smile: