Google Docs webdav etc

Anyone know of a way to install a what amounts to a symbolic link to the micasa verde product so that logging and other captures can be stored in google Docs?

Vera is a Unix machine, and Google Docs is (I’m assuming, I don’t use it) a remote filesystem, so the word you’d be using in your web searches should be “mount”.

Doing a bit of searching myself, it looks like Linux has a module for mounting WebDAV filesystems, called davfs2. That module hasn’t been built for OpenWrt, so at best you will be compiling it yourself. I bet you don’t want to do that.

It’s all a bit academic really, because it would be a really bad idea to send logs on a Unix machine directly to a remote filesystem: you’d likely overload the machine and cause it to hang the moment you had any network lag.

If you just want to keep a copy of logs, there are more suitable mechanisms like remote syslog (which has been talked about on this forum). You will need another machine to be switched on to receive the logs, but it doesn’t have to be a full-fledged computer. Even something like a Pogoplug would probably suffice, which conveniently solves your network access requirement too without going anywhere near Google Docs.