Going crazy! Why won't this work?


I have a way of sensing presence for my wife and me on our system consisting of geofencing with VeraMate on our respective iPhones and pinging the phones with the WOLPlusPing plugin.

We each have two triggers in PLEG, based on two virtual switches. One switch is turned on and off by VeraMate and one by WOLPlusPing.

My name is Aron, so the two triggers for me is:




I also have another virtual switch just called “Aron”.


aron_present = (aron_veramate_on OR aron_ping_on)
aron_away = (aron_veramate_off AND aron_ping_off)

When aron_present is activated the “Aron” virtual switch is turned on, when aron_away is activated the virtual switch is turned off.

This works great, and the virtual switch is then used for automatically tuning off the house etc.

However, I have the EXACT same setup for my wife, Linda, and it doesn’t work?!

I have all the same switches and PLEG entries but with her name instead. If I turn off her iPhones wifi and manually switch off her VeraMate switch her “Linda” switch isn’t switched off. Allc onditions is the same as the example above.

I assume I’m missing something really easy, but what?

I have tried to copy the log. First I switched off Aron VeraMate to turn off the "Aron VS, and then on again. Everything worked. Then I tried to switch off Linda VeraMate without anything happening.

My guess would be there’s something wrong with her ping and it’s never been on or off.

So, I would start investigating why WOLPlusPing never registers her phone.

No, the ping works properly. I have tried turning off and on her wifi and the virtual switch change.

Did you delete and recreate her ping device ?

Try deleting and re-creating the triggers. They may be bound to a deleted device.

You say it’s working properly, but linda_ping_on and linda_ping_off have never been true or false in your report which suggests otherwise…

Weird. The switch changes when I turn the wifi on and off?