GoGoGate Garage/Gate Opener

Just wondering if anyone has tried this and if it might possibly work with vera. I’m going to try Jamr’s solution in the Chamberlain MyQ thread first and see if I can get it to work, but wondered if anyone had feedback on this.

Was there every any update on this I have a gogo gate and would love to automate it.

Never heard of this. I’m sure if there was enough people with this interest someone could probley make it work threw the web and back to VERA with some Http commands.

I guess this product cost more then what other gate and garage door solutions currently cost for z-wave. So it will have to be for people who already have this and don’t want to get anymore hardware.

I’m waking this thread alive… I also have a Gogogate 2, which I would love to connect to my Vera. Do anyone know if it’s possible, and if so - how?