GoControl LBR30Z-1 flickering and not connecting to controller

I am trying to add this on a smart dimmer switch. Instead of connecting it is just flickering nonstop.


This device cannot be connected to a dimmer, only an on/off switch. Since its a Z-Wave lamp device that includes dimming, it should be connected to a non-dimmed circuit that is on at all times.

Hi there,
We have been working on this device to fully integrate but some reasons device acting very weird. Dimmer is changing its status unexpectedly and on/off button is not working properly as well. Our developers have done a lot of research to fix the issue but we figured out that the issue is not on our side. I am planning to contact with manufacturer and if i get any update from them I will definitely post here again. Also we tested this device on a competitor’s hub and guess what result is same.

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